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Seed pill dryer, top inlet

Are you looking for a solution to your problem in the field of drying seeds and pills? Would you like a conditioned dryer with a top blower? Then you can also contact Seed Conditioning Europe.


A special version of the pill dryer in which the standard air device is reversed, so that the air direction is from top to bottom. The basis of this dryer is the type DR1-001-2.

This dryer was recently built for our relationship in Australia. Here you see the images as executed. The dryers with the top blower are a bit higher than the dryers with the bottom blower. Each dryer is tailor-made for you and can be provided with your specific wishes. This dryer can also be supplied with a pill tray and accompanying transport cart.


The drying unit has been developed according to the condensation principle. Condensate is automatically evaporated by means of a heat exchanger which uses the heat released from the drying process in conjunction with several separate heating elements. The dehumidification capacity per hour is still improving because Seed Conditioning Enkhuizen is always looking for improvements in parts to be used.

The dryer is operated with a color touch display mounted on the front of the dryer. This display can be protected with 8 different passwords so that the machine can be used by several people.
The dryer is controlled by means of a process controller and operation takes place by means of a touchscreen display. Program easily adjustable.

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