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seed pill dryer, bottom blower with knock filter

Seed and pill producers know that the filters of their dryers collect a lot of dust. It is important that these filters are emptied in time. However, this dryer is equipped with cylindrical knock filters that collect the dust and are automatically cleaned during the drying process. This has the advantage that the drying process can continue longer and more often without interruption. So you can dry your seed more efficiently.

The dryer can be used for drying seeds of, for example, tomato, gherkin, cucumber, paprika, melon, pepper and parsnip.

In short, this dryer is extremely suitable for:
1. Drying primed seeds.
2. Drying coated seeds.
3. Drying pelleted seeds.
4. Drying packaged seeds.

The dehumidification capacity per hour is still improving because Seed Conditioning Europe is always looking for improvements in usable parts.


This dryer is equipped with cylindrical filters to collect the dust from the drying process. An air valve is mounted above these filters, which ensures that the filters can be cleaned during the drying process. This process is automatically controlled by differential pressure measurements. When the pressure becomes too high, the cleaning process starts automatically. The dryer is energy efficient because it uses the heat released during the drying process. 

The operation of the machine is very simple and is done by means of a touchscreen. This touchscreen is mounted on the front of the dryer and has the ability to store up to 8 passwords so that several people can use and leave the machine securely.

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