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Seed pill dryer, bottom blower, laboratory version

Conditioned drying? From now on to Seed Conditioning Enkhuizen. We offer you a seed dryer with everything you need for drying seeds obtained from fruits such as tomato, gherkin, cucumber, pepper, melon, pepper, etc., but also drying primed seeds, drying coated seeds and drying pelleted seeds.



The dryer has been developed according to the condensation principle, which guarantees reproducibility of the drying processes. Moisture that is absorbed in the air from the seed is condensed on a cooler and removed. This results in rapid and/or controllable drying. The dryer is very energy efficient as the heat released during the drying process is optimally reused in the air treatment process. The installation works like a heat pump. The dryer is equipped with at least 2 EC process fans to be able to regulate the air speed through the product.


The dryer is equipped with a PLC control and can be operated by means of a touchscreen control terminal. Via the terminal you can enter and read all process variables such as temperature, humidity, ventilation speeds and durations of the different process steps. Any alarms are also displayed via this terminal.

These alarms can optionally be passed on via potential free contacts to building management systems. Optionally, this dryer can also be equipped with a software package (Reliance) for external operation and data storage.

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