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Seed pill dryer, bottom blowing

DR1-011-1 is equipped with 6 self-closing drawers that can also be divided into four parts by means of a divider. 

Each drawer is fitted with a stainless steel perforated plate. The drawer dryer blows the conditioned air through the drawers from bottom to top. Extensive tests have shown that there are virtually no differences in drying between the bottom and the top drawer.

The DR1-011-1 is ideal for drying small batches of seed or pelleted seeds, whether or not packed.

Of course, this dryer is not inferior to its bigger brothers and operation and principle of operation are identical. In terms of capacity, this dryer is 1/3 of its bigger brothers. The working range of this dryer can be between +20℃ with 30% RH and +40℃ with 10% RH.

Zaadpillendroger met 80gr_edited.jpg

The drawer dryer has been developed according to the condensation principle, which guarantees reproducibility of the drying processes. Moisture that is absorbed in the air from the seed is condensed on a cooler and removed.


The dryer is equipped with a PLC control and can be operated by means of a touchscreen control terminal. Via the terminal you can enter and read all process variables such as temperature, humidity, ventilation speeds and durations of the different process steps. Any alarms are also displayed via this terminal.

These alarms can optionally be passed on via potential free contacts to building management systems. Optionally, this dryer can also be equipped with a software package (Reliance) for external operation and data storage.

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