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Drying seeds and pill seeds

Seed Conditioning Europe is the specialist in the field of conditioned seed (and pill) dryers and unconditioned seed (and pill) dryers. Large batches of sustainable seed are dried in the most ideal way in our generation of drying cabinets.

Our equipment meets the highest requirements and contains the most modern techniques. Operation is simple, accurate and reliable. Drying with conditioned air is also energy efficient.

During the drying process of the conditioned drying, the humidity and temperature are registered so that you can closely monitor the drying process.
Each drying process within the unconditioned drying is controlled by means of a calculation that is determined by the measurement of the incoming and outgoing temperatures.


Drying requirement
Every seed specialist and every type of seed has its own needs. Vegetable seed or grains. Flower seed or herbs. We understand that you want to dry in an extremely controlled manner. That is why it is standard with our systems that you as a user can precisely and variably set the temperature and percentage of a drying cycle. The applied computer control (PLC) and touchscreen control terminal make the entire drying process controllable and manageable.

You also want to be able to blow in at the top of the room and suck in at the bottom of the room. Then we offer you the dryer with a reversible air device.

A dryer with a knock filter ensures that the cylindrical filters are cleaned during the drying cycle using a compressed air tank on site.

You want to dry with a seed truck or do you prefer to work with a rotation unit. We are happy to supply the right equipment that suits your circumstances. Feel free to call us for free advice on our drying systems for seeds or pelleted seeds.

Our drying equipment
At Seed Conditioning Europe we have various types of dryers. Is your suitable type not listed? Please feel free Contact meet us.

seed pill dryer, bottom blower, laboratory version
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